20 Reasons to Never Leave Home Without Duct Tape

Yes, duct tape. It’s like the swiss army knife of the TSA-friendly world. A guy even once brought it with him as his one survival item on Naked and Afraid, so you know this stuff is good.

How good is it, you ask? Let me share 20 reasons to pack duct tape on your travels.

Fashion yourself a bag. We talk all the time about packing stuffable bags for extra bag needs, but you could instead just make whatever bag you need… with duct tape!

DIY some fancy luggage tags. They’re durable and potentially cute if you invest in the right color tape!

Use as a clothes line. Forgot your stretchy braided version at home? No worries! Get a long strip of duct tape and fold it in half, sticky side together. Attach with duct tape to two end points, and wah-lah, clothes line!

Mark your luggage. Get a bright roll of duct tape and stick a line on your suitcase or backpack for easy recognition on the baggage claim conveyor belt.

Remove lint from clothes. It’s extra sticky, and definitely more multipurpose than packing a lint roller.

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