The Perfect Women's Packing List for the Camino de Santiago

For anyone who has never heard of it, the Camino De Santiago is a 790 km (500 miles) pilgrimage across the country of Spain (including its mountains). It has a very rich history and was started by saints who trekked across the country to reach the buried remains of saints and then to the Atlantic.

We started off in Europe with big 65L & 60L backpacks. I lovingly referred to them as “the monsters.” I struggled with mine but we were not doing too much walking and they held all of our camping supplies.

Small Backpack with Hip Straps

Sleeping bags are too heavy and bulky to carry. A good sleep sack can keep you warm while taking up significantly less space.

Sleep Sack

If you do use some, do your research and look into airport policies on carrying them on. Some airports let us walk on with them while others made us check them. Also, get a pair of gloves to prevent blisters on your hands.

Trekking Poles

– 2 dry-fit shirts – 2 pants options – I wore yoga shorts and Capri length exercise pants.


You will need a jacket. Something made for exercise but can keep you warm. Once again we went with Smartwool.


It rains. It only rained three or four days total for us and we were very lucky. Being wet was not fun. A good lightweight rain jacket can make those rainy days a bit better. Make sure it packs small!

Rain Jacket & Rain Pants

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