Pacsafe Anti-Theft Travel Bag Reviews: Travel Security Products

Pacsafe products were developed with the goal of keeping travelers one step ahead of thieves and protecting travelers’ belongings from being stolen. With that in mind, their bags have several features that keep your stuff safe.

Pacsafe bags are made with slash-resistant material. The slash guards are built into the fabric so thieves can’t cut your bag and steal the things that fall out.

Slash-resistant material

The adjustable straps of Pacsafe bags are enforced with stainless steel wire which prevents thieves from cutting the strap to steal your bag. The wires are invisible to others but highly effective.

Straps and zippers

Pacsafe has straps that are reinforced with stainless steel so you can anchor your bag to a fixed location, and prevent a would-be thief from slashing the strap. Or there are steel cables that serve the same purpose.

Anchor straps and cables

Pacsafe has developed RFID blocking material to keep your sensitive information safe.

RFID safety

Since Pacsafe products were designed with travelers in mind, they offer many luggage styles and luggage accessories. They offer backpacks, handbags, wheeled luggage, and duffel bags in various sizes.

You can also buy separate bag protectors, straps, extenders, locks, and cables. They even make a portable travel safe bag.

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