Ultimate Female Packing list for Las Vegas in Winter

If you’re wondering what to wear in Vegas in January, or what to pack for Vegas in February, it’s definitely not shorts. Here’s what I had on my packing list for Vegas in winter. This should work for a long weekend trip.

If you’re going to gamble, you might not need dressy clothes, but if you’re planning on hitting the clubs or going to see a show, you’ll want to include one or two nice outfits.


Many clubs have strict dress codes and require ladies to wear high heels. It might be worth bringing a pair of roll-up or fold-up flats to wear on the walk to the club and switching when you get there.


Pack your normal toiletries and you should be fine. If you’re trying to pack carry-on only, think about replacing liquids with solids when possible.


You don’t need to wear jewelry if you’re spending the weekend sitting at the slot machines, but you might want to add a necklace and some earrings to your outfit if you’re going clubbing.


Despite the saying that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, you’ll probably want to capture some of the memories with your camera.


Have fun but don’t get too carried away. No one wants their trip to Vegas to turn out like The Hangover.

Tips to enjoy your Las Vegas trip

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