Ultimate Female Packing List for Orlando Theme Parks

Orlando can be very hot, humid, and occasionally rainy for most of the year, especially in the summer months (May-September). The spring, autumn, and winter months are pretty unpredictable. It can either be hot and humid or dry and cool.

Jeans or leggings: If you’re traveling in the cooler months you may want to wear pants at night when it gets a little chilly. Underwear, socks, and bras: one pair for each day


Waterproof walking shoes or sandals: No raincoat, umbrella, or poncho will be able to keep your feet dry, so I recommend bringing a good pair of walking shoes that you don’t mind getting wet.


Refillable water bottle: There is no glass allowed inside the parks, so if you’re bringing a water bottle, make sure it’s plastic. I am a huge fan of my Vapur bottle, and I can refill it at the many water fountains or restaurants around the parks.


Backpack: I don’t like to carry a lot when it’s really hot out, so I prefer to carry a small backpack with all of my essentials, and then I can clip my Vapur bottle to it as well.

First-aid kit: I always bring a travel size first-aid kit with me when I go anywhere, but I would definitely recommend including blister bandaids if you’re not used to walking very much. Your feet will thank you later!

Camera: You’ll want to take a lot of pictures in the theme parks! I usually just stick with my smartphone camera, but if you are big on photography, there are so many great moments to capture on this trip so you’ll definitely want a good camera.


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