Ultimate Female Packing List for a Minimalist Business Trip

After being on the road for much of the last three years, my attitude, gear, and how I travel has changed dramatically: now I’m less Legally Blonde, and more Catch Me if You Can.

I pack everything in my purse and Timbuk2 Jet Laptop Pack. It is 30 liters of organization and compartmentalization so I know where everything is and can reach it at a moment’s notice.

Toiletries: razor, face lotion, comb, floss, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, q-tips, nail kit, Kleenex, spare contacts + contact solution, face wash, menstrual cup, and depending on the hotel, shampoo and conditioner.

– Minimalist makeup kit – Mini medical kit – Band aids,     aspirin, Imodium, etc. – Electronics: Laptop, phone,     chargers – Travel coffee mug – Water bottle

– Journal – Notebook – Pen set: I like color options – Scarf: for warmth and fashion – Book or Nook depending on     the length of the trip – 1 suit skirt and jacket – 1 pair jeans – 1 cardigan

– 1 workout outfit – 1 sleep outfit – 1 pair of tennis shoes – 1 pair of flats – 1, 2, or 3 dress shirts (one shirt     for the number of nights I’m     gone)

Overall, my way of seeing the world has changed because of what I pack. I glide through airports in a way I didn’t before. If I’m running late I’m confident that I can physically run to the gate.

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