Pack Towels: Choosing the Right Fit for Your Travels

In this article, we dish out why a pack towel is necessary, review some of the top pack towels on the market, and share why our favorite pack towel might not even be a “travel towel” at all!

– Lightweight (as little as 1 ounce for a small size and 8-12 ounces for an extra-large) – Compact (the ultra-thin towel folds easily to pack in a suitcase or backpack) – Absorbent (taking in as much as 4-5 times their weight in water)

Advantages of Pack Towels vs. Normal Towels

– Quick-drying (it dries in time for you to pack and move on to your next destination) – Made from anti-bacterial fabric (keeping your towel relatively pleasant for a few more days!) – Machine washable (dry on low or hang to dry)

Across brands, backpack towels vary in softness, the range of sizes available (XS-XL), the dimensions for the various sizes, and the available colors.

Backpack Towel Sizes

Microfiber and other materials are ideal for camping. And due to packing constraints, hikers want their pack towels to be as small as possible. That’s valuable room you might need to pack food or other essentials.

Choosing Travel Towels for Hiking and Camping

The micro-fiber material has a tendency to “stick” – it doesn’t glide smoothly over skin like cotton does, so you may find you’re patting yourself dry!

Drying with Pack Towels

The towels do dry quickly but be sure to put it in a spot where air can circulate. I like to secure the towel’s small loop around a rail of the top bunk in the hostel – dry in no time!

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