The Osprey Fairview 40L Travel Backpack Review 

Comfort plays a huge part in any backpack decision, but when Kate Tooley and her wife made it through a 2-week honeymoon across four countries without major back drama, she attributed that to the Osprey Fairview 40 backpack.

On the durability and convenience front, the Fairview continues to shine. I’ve used it consistently and it’s yet to show any wear, living up to my expectations of the brand.

Durability + Convenience

The harness held up to long days of walking and the balance and suspension were excellent, even on steep, uneven or cobbled streets.

The Harness

It was the feature I didn’t know I was missing from my old bag, and has been a total game changer, making carrying this pack easy when you have those awkward middle distances to transport it.

The Shoulder Strap

It’s easy to access your computer going through security, and the fact that the laptop sleeve keeps the computer from hitting the ground when the bag is set down is a real plus.

Front Pocket + Laptop Sleeve

The Fairview has lots of little features that are easy to overlook, but good to have: – interlocking zippers to keep     your belongings secure – a scratch-free top pocket for     sunglasses, etc.

Little Features Worth Noting

– compression straps in all the     right places – super padded side-handle – deep mesh pockets on the     front (great for water bottles     and maps) The top pocket also has a key hook, which I love, but makes it less ideal for sunglasses.

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