The Reasons You’re NOT Packing Light

We all have our own definitions for what packing light actually equates to in both size and weight. For me, it’s traveling in a handbag. For you, it might be not having to check a bag. For others, it might be a maximum of 10 pounds.

While our definitions can vary, the reasons that we can’t actually achieve those goals (at least easily) tend to float around – for the majority – a few basic concepts.

Here are the common reasons we can’t pack light – and some info that can help you solve those problems!

I’m not here to tell you to get rid of your stuff; I’m here to remind you that it’s OK to leave things at home when you travel. Bring the right things – and the right amounts – on your trips.

Can’t give up stuff

If we’re not happy with the way we look and feel, it can be hard to be confident in our packing choices. Many women will overpack (clothes, makeup, etc.) to compensate. If you do like to have more, I recommend thinking creatively for ways to downsize in the process.


It could be a CPAP machine or traveling with diabetes that makes packing light hard. My advice is to do the best with what you can control so that you have the best possible experience for your specific needs.

Certain circumstances

Lack of knowledge can be a huge reason for not packing light! Luckily, Her Packing List is full of information to help guide you. Our community is also very helpful for addressing common issues and concerns.


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