A Guide to Gratuities for Luggage Help

When I went on a cruise, I remember the pushy porter reminding us to tip him, even though we managed our own bags. It left a bad taste in my mouth, but made me think about the whole tipping system. We’ll dive into those burning questions about tipping for luggage.

Not every trip might require tipping for your luggage. Consider these options before you decide whether or not to carry extra cash to tip for your luggage.

Do I Need to Tip at All?

You probably don’t need to tip for your luggage if you’re packing light. You can carry it yourself and won’t need assistance in bringing it to your room or getting it to the plane.

I’m Only Bringing One Bag

In my experience, even if you pack only one bag, nice hotels may want the bellhop to take your luggage to your room for you. It’s customary to tip them either way, as they’ll also get you settled in and show you details of the room.

I’m Staying at a Nice Hotel

If you’re traveling by train in many destinations, especially long-haul rail journeys like the Orient Express or the Ghan, you’ll want to tip the train employees who will help you get your luggage into your cabin.

I’m Traveling by Train

Don’t forget about the sherpas and other local porters who help carry your stuff to the peaks of the world’s highest mountains. If you’re booking with a tour company, they will probably tell you what to do in this situation.

I’m Going Trekking

Are you traveling with an instrument or surfboard? It might be worth it to tip the employee helping you a little extra. The same goes for extenuating circumstances like bad weather or over-the-top excellence of service.

I’m Packing Large or Fragile Items

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