Travel Like MacGyver: Items to Pack That Solve Problems

Unexpected problems pop up while you’re traveling, no matter how prepared you are. You can’t plan for everything, and you certainly shouldn’t pack enough stuff to cover every imaginable what-if situation. But there are certain items that don’t take up much space and can really help you out in a bind.

– Use it as a bandage or to protect your feet from blisters. – Fix holes in anything from shoes to pants to backpacks. – Use it to create a rope or clothes line.

Duct tape

If you haven’t heard of Sugru, we suggest rectifying that issue immediately. Sugru is a moldable glue that turns into rubber once it’s cured.


Multi-tools are wonderful gadgets with different pieces all in one. They can definitely get you out of a jam or just make your travel life a little easier.


– Clip zippers together to deter would-be thieves or simply hold together a zipper that doesn’t want to stay closed. – Latch a water bottle or stuff bag onto your daypack or purse. – Use it to hang your shoes on the outside of your backpack.

Carabiner clip

– If you wear glasses, you know that sometimes those tiny screws can come loose. A little dab of clear nail polish can secure them in place. – You can also use clear nail polish to seal a fraying hem, though this is best used on sleeping bags, jackets, and other nylon items.

Clear nail polish

– Use as a travel towel or beach towel – Use as a picnic blanket in the park – Fashion a privacy screen in a hostel dorm – Wear as a swimsuit wrap

Sarong or Turkish Towel or Scarf

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