30 Ways to Travel with Jewelry and Keep It All Organized

Traveling with jewelry is a nice way to stay stylish while traveling and accessorize your look without bringing dozens of outfits. But how do you keep it all organized without opening your bag to find a big, tangled mess?

Save those Altoids or Tic Tacs containers after you are done with them! They make for a great container for jewelry, especially when you add a cotton ball to protect them.

Mint tin

Prevent your necklaces from getting tangled. Simply thread one side of the chain through a plastic straw and attach at the other end. It keeps one side rigid and tangle-free.

Drinking straws

Organize your items through zippered compartments and a large panel that folds over and ties to keep from getting tangled. Buy online or make your own using these instructions. They also take up little room since they lie flat.

Jewelry rolls

These are basically the same but are marketed differently. Either way, seek out a clear plastic container with removable compartments.

Craft store bead organizer or fishing tackle container

You really can use them for everything! These cheap items can be used for bracelets or even necklaces by simply clipping them on.


Keep those earring backs safe by threading them through those extra buttons you’ve been saving from every shirt.


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