How to Pack Minimalist: My Versatile 16L Minimalist Packing List

Before we get to the list, here are three golden rules you should ask yourself while packing: 1. Do I love this item? 2. Is is lightweight? 3. Does it do double duty?

1 long sleeve: Merino wool or thermal. Merino wool doesn’t get stinky. – 1 blouse: a chambray blouse is the Swiss army knife of clothing. – 1 sweater: highly suggest Merino wool.


1 pair of open-toed shoes: The one, the only, Crocs Sexi Flips. I wear these in hostel bathrooms, nice nights out for dinner, and I literally climbed a small mountain in them. – 1 packable down jacket: UNIQLO makes great down layers that won’t break the budget.

Shoes and Outerwear

Mini loofah: Let me make the case for a loofah. Although it seems like a superfluous item, it packs down small and elongates the life of your soap ten-fold. – Pack towel: Essential for minimalist packing


Any medication: I always carry pain killers, gravol, pepto bismol, and ginger chews. – Glasses, contacts, contact solutionMini mirrorRazor

Optional & Speciality items:

Pare down to your three most used items. For me it’s: – Red lipstickLiquid EyelinerConcealer


Altoids tin: great for packing minutiae like band aids and sim cards. – Headlamp: for navigating your hostel without waking everyone up and receiving stink eye. – Duct Tape: I wrap some around a pencil for emergency quick fixes. Also great for blisters.

Essential Gear

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