How to Pack (Light) for a Year of Travel

The key is to pack for a year-long (or 3-month, 6-month, 9-month) round the world trip just like any short vacation. I use this tip to pack light for all of my travels, including my 5-month round the world trip, and you can easily do the same by taking note of the following advice.

Obviously, packing light has many definitions for different people, but we definitely recommend a carry-on sized piece of luggage (even if you end up checking it).

Bring the Right Bag

A year of travel often comes with constant packing and unpacking. Packing organizers like packing cubes, compression sacks and even ziploc bags make the process way easier.

Use Packing Organizers

Look at the destinations you’re planning on visiting. Are they mostly warm weather or cold weather destinations? Pack a week’s worth of clothes that go with the climate where you’ll spend most of your time.

Pack a Week’s Worth of Clothing

Pack versatile items that can be worn multiple ways, such as a scarf that can keep you warm in cold climates and worn as a sarong in warm climates.

Pack Solid Color Clothing You Can Layer

Remember you can buy clothing all over the world. If the t-shirt you’ve been wearing twice a week for four months starts getting holes in it, you can buy another one to replace it.

You Can Always Buy Or Ditch

Any trip longer than a week will require doing laundry, and that is certainly true if you’re traveling for a year. You don’t own a year’s worth of clothing, so you can’t pack that much anyway.

Be Prepared to Do Laundry

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