How to Fly with a Baby: Helpful Travel Tips for New Moms

Having a baby does not mean the end of exploration. For those of us who spent our twenties hopping around the globe, often taking just a carry-on for months on the road, flying with a baby can seem daunting. I’m here to tell you that travel with a baby can – and should! – be done.

The luggage you take should be on wheels. A sturdy bag that can be maneuvered with one hand is key. I pop the changing bag directly on top, and then tie it on with a scarf.

How to Pack for You and Baby Together

I am always buying scarves for pregnant and new-mom friends. A wide, cotton scarf can be a breastfeeding cover, a blanket suitable for swaddling, a towel to mop up accidents, or simply a stylish way to hide the puke stains your little darling has just left all over your top.

There are babies all over the world and they all need the same things. You can pick up nappies in every country. They might not be your preferred brand, but you can white-knuckle it for a few days.

– Tula or other soft carrier – Car seat – Pop-up tent (for journeys with     long layovers)

My Packing List for Successfully Flying with Baby

– Changing bag with:     diapers/nappies, changes of     clothes, quiet toys, a book,     wet wipes, pouch of     food/bottles,    dummies/pacifiers – Scarf – Change of top for mom – Phone loaded up with Hey     Bear – Sense of humor

All the airlines I’ve flown in Europe let you fly with at least two pieces of baby equipment, like a pram, travel cot, or car seat. Be sure to do your research in advance to make the most of your travel experience with baby.

Baby Equipment Allowances on Airlines

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