How Long Travel-Sized Toiletries Will Last You?

I asked the ladies in our HPLWorld community how long their travel toiletries last, and here are some of the responses:

Michelle: I use Lush shampoo bars (when I travel and at home because no packaging!) I was in Central America for 3 1/2 months and I didn’t even go through the entire bar! So I’d say I probably go through about a bar every 4-5 months.

Karina: Til late last year when I moved to Lush solid shampoo I usually took 2 X 100ml bottles for 6-7 week trips each year and brought one back half full. 40ml roll on deodorant lasts that 7 weeks. 15ml toothpaste.

30ml moisturiser. 50ml sunscreen. 150ml contact lens solution (the no rub kind). 1 sunscreen lip balm stick. For the lush bar usage – I bought my bar mid Oct and have been using every 3 to 4 days on very long hair and it’s about a third of its original size so it’s lasting well.

Meissoun: I usually don’t bring any shampoo. Most hotels provide it. Or if I am in a country where service is cheap, I get it washed at a salon. (I usually wash my hair every 4 days.)

Shawn: On my last month-long trip I used 3 little hotel bottles of shampoo, but a full bottle of conditioner. It’s going to be so different for each person. I have really long hair but I co-wash, and only use shampoo about half the time.

Meredith: I wash my hair 2-3 times/week. When washing 3 times a week, a bar will usually last me about three months (give or take, my boyfriend uses the bar too sometimes) and I have been using Lush bars for about 3 years.

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