How To Avoid Actual Injuries from Heavy Luggage 

Heavy luggage injuries are real! Schlepping around a heavy suitcase or carrying a heavy backpack can have lasting effects. Just one more reason to ditch the heavy luggage and pack less!

You don’t need as much as you think you do. You don’t need all those “just in case” items. Pack like it’s a one week trip, do laundry on the road, and buy things if you need something you don’t have.

Reevaluate what you pack

If all your clothing coordinates, you can mix and match. There’s no sense in packing a pair of pants that only goes with one shirt. A pair of shoes that only matches one outfit will take up precious space in your bag.

Stick to one or two color pallets

Multiple layers will keep you warmer than one bulky item, they’ll take up less space in your bag, and they’ll give you more versatility when putting together your outfit

Pack clothes you can layer.

and challenge yourself to downsize your luggage. If Brooke can travel for 3 weeks with a 12L purse, you can travel with a 40L backpack.

Read inspiring packing stories

Most importantly, to prevent injuries from heavy luggage, reduce the weight and travel with the right kind of luggage for you.

For some, backpacks are a good way to distribute the weight. For others, rolling suitcases are better for preventing back pain. Find out what works for you.

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