Going Handbag-Free: 14 Products to Help You Ditch the Purse

Now it’s time for the next challenge: to go about our day-to-day lives with no bags at all! We scoured the Internet for different products that can help us go purse-free and give our shoulders and back a break!

When the weather gets nippy, there’s no better way to accessorize and keep warm than with a fashionable scarf.

Speakeasy Hidden-pocket Travel Scarves

Smartwatches are extensions of our mobile phones. It can show incoming messages, make calls, book an Uber, play music, track steps, get directions from Google Maps, and even pay for goods and services.


Aside from it being a powerful mini-computer, mobile phone cases and accessories can also carry your identification card, transit card, and a debit/credit card.

Phone cases with card slots

Never leave the house without keys again with this compact trifold wallet. It has 6 hooks for keys and slots for cards and cash too.

Ikepod Tri-fold Key Wallet/Holder

Pickpockets have to be really skilled to get your cash inside this secret stash! This secret stash can be attached to bra straps so your ID and money are very secure even without carrying a bag.

Eagle Creek Undercover Bra Stash

The lace garter purse features 2 pockets for all sorts of items and it securely straps around the leg for a bag-free and worry-free night out with the girls.

Stashbandz Garter Purse

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