Ultimate Female Packing List for Prague in Winter

The Czech capital is a looker in any season, but when its roofs are covered with a sparkling coat of fresh snow and people gather at the Christmas Markets for a chat and a hot meal, the city’s no less than mesmerizing.

Scarf, hat and gloves: Prague gets chilly in winter. Nothing too dramatic, but expect temperatures around 0 °C or 32 °F in December with chances of snow and light rain.


Winter coat: You won’t exactly be facing Arctic weather circumstances, but since you’ll be spending a lot of time outside checking out Prague’s romantic scenery (and drinking mulled wine at the Christmas Markets) a warm winter coat is mandatory.

Rainproof walking shoes or flat leather boots: While Prague has an excellent public transport system that connects both sides of the river Vltava through a network of metros, trams and buses, the city’s charm is best captured on foot.

Foot wear

Flipflops: If you’re staying in one of Prague’s plentiful hostels, a pair of flipflops will make your showers and nightly bathroom visits that much more comfortable ‐ and hygienic.

A pair of thin leggings: Some simple cotton/nylon blend leggings or tights are great travel companions in Prague’s Winter Wonderland. They’re lightweight, roll up easily into small bundles and come in a variety of colours.


Dress or dressy skirt/shirt combo: A trip to Prague isn’t complete with a visit to one of the famous opera houses, but make sure to dress appropriately.


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