DIY Solid Conditioner: Spill-Proof for Your Travels

I randomly googled DIY solid conditioner recipes one day, and a week later, I used my first homemade bar. And I am really, really happy with it.

30% (15g) cocoa butter (Amazon) 30% (15g) incroquat/          behentrimonium chloride         ( 20% (10g) cetyl alcohol (Amazon) 20% (10g) nourishing oil of your          choice – argan, jojoba,         almond, grape seed, olive,         coconut…

Solid Conditioner Bar Ingredients

Measure out the right amounts and mix everything together (except for fragrance – leave that until later).

Heat it over the candle and watch it melt (maybe stir occasionally). The incroquat will probably smell weirdly fishy while it melts – the shopkeeper assures me that’s normal, and the smell will be gone once you’re finished.

Once the main ingredients are all melted, take the container off the heat and stir in your fragrance oil of choice.

Pour it into the mould (and watch out, the jar is probably hot):

Let it cool down – preferably in the fridge or freezer for an hour, which will make it a bit harder, but anywhere works. Peel or cut it out of the mould.

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