Definitive Female Packing List for the Camino de Santiago

For anyone who has never heard of it, the Camino De Santiago is a 790 km (500 miles) pilgrimage across the country of Spain (including its mountains). It has a very rich history and was started by saints who trekked across the country to reach the buried remains of saints and then to the Atlantic.

We went out to a local sports store called Decathlon and bought 22L and 30L bags with hip straps and sent our monsters (with most of our items) home.

Small Backpack with Hip Straps

Sleeping bags are too heavy and bulky to carry. A good sleep sack can keep you warm while taking up significantly less space.

Sleep Sack

You will need a jacket. Something made for exercise but can keep you warm. Once again we went with Smartwool.


We went with The North Face Hedgehog sneakers. (They have male & female versions.) They were perfect for us. If you do any research for this trip, make sure to do your research for your shoes.

Good quality WATERPROOF Hiking Shoes

My recommendation is Smartwool. They were thick, kept sweat away and protected my toes and heels.

Good Quality Socks

Your feet go through enough. Do not add athlete’s feet to your laundry list of pain. Small lightweight shoes will save you.

Light Flip Flops for showers

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