Pack Less With These Convertible Travel Clothing for Women

Convertible travel clothing can be worn in several different ways, which means you can pack one piece instead of two or three… or twenty!

Not only does this tunic offer a blue and green version, but you can also switch it back to front for either a v-neck or boat-neck look.

Splice Clothing’s Jaisalmer Reversible 4-Way Tunic

If you’re not looking for anything fancy, your standard run-of-the-mill maxi dress or skirt will be a nice multipurpose addition to your travel wardrobe.

Maxi Dress / Skirt

The Nadi Wrap is a rectangular piece of fabric with rows of buttons along the sides. It can be worn as a scarf, poncho, skirt, top, and more. The material is great for travel because it resists wrinkles and dries fast.

Helene Clarkson Nadi Wrap, $58.81 USD

An asymmetrically-cut dress with batwing sleeves, it has a hidden snap detail and can be styled into various dresses, skirts, and tops.

Diane Kroe Origami Travel Dress

A different take on convertible clothing, Vacay makes an assortment of two-piece “dresses” and jumpsuits. Each is a top and a skirt (or pants for jumpsuits) that when worn together look like one garment, but can also be worn separately.

Vacay 2-Piece Dresses

This is a tube dress with buttons along the bottom that allow it to be worn 20 ways, including several different dresses, tops, skirts, and even harem pants.

Kameleon Rose The Ultimate Travel Dress, $83.98 USD

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