What to Pack for Campervan and Car Camping

Whether you’re attending a music festival or just plain road tripping, here are the must-haves for campervan and car camping.

Unless you plan on sleeping in your car, bring a tent to sleep in so you can keep any valuables in your car. Don’t forget a waterproof cover for your tent.


While mobile phones nowadays have a torch/flashlight function, it’s still important to have a dedicated torch to light your way, so you don’t waste precious battery life.


Keep yourself protected from being bitten by using a bug spray. If you’re not comfortable slathering yourself with mosquito repellant, there are insect repelling gear and gadgets you can consider as an alternative.

Bug spray/Insect repellant

You can buy a pre-made First aid kit from the drug store or online from Amazon, but you can also make your own first aid kit using items that are a better fit for your type of travel.

First aid kit

Trash bags are essential for keeping your camping site and camper van clean. Not only that, they can also be used to keep your things dry if you’re caught in a sudden downpour.

Garbage bags

A tarp can be used for an overhead sun and rain cover. They can also be used as a ground cover or an impromptu picnic mat.


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