The Best Travel Snacks for Packing in a Carry-on

The best snacks for flying are ones that aren’t liquids, gels, or creams, that have minimal scent (travelers sitting near you will thank you!), and that avoid severe allergens like peanuts.

– Beef jerky – Trail mix – Protein bars – Carrot chips – Cheese and crackers – Cheese and meat stick combos – Roasted chickpeas

Healthy travel snacks

– Granola – Green pea chips – Fruit leather – Fruit pouch or cup – Dried fruit – Pumpkin or sunflower seeds – Seaweed snacks

– Candy bars without nuts – Cereal bar – Dry cereal – Cookies – Muffins/baked goods

Comfort food snacks

– Charcuterie bag with hard     cheeses – Chicken or tuna pouches with     bread, crackers, or pasta – Cold sandwich – Pasta salad – Bagged salad

Snacks that make a meal

Whole fresh fruit and vegetables are generally not allowed to cross international borders and there are some restrictions between US states, but these may be allowed if they are consumed on the flight

Snacks that might need to be quarantined

Snacks need to be in packages that can go through TSA screening, including x-rays. The easiest packages are what the food originally came in, especially for single-serving options like protein bars or condiments.

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