The Best Toiletries for Hand Luggage

Gone are the days when you have to check a bag just to bring your toiletries. Who needs a full bottle of lotion for a one week trip? Bringing travel sized bottles can help you cut back and go carry-on, but are travel sized versions really the best toiletries for hand luggage?

Limit your toiletries by going with the solid versions, many of which exist on the mass market. The benefits of many of these is that you can bring only as much as you need, cutting off pieces of a bar.

Types of Solid Toiletries

Wet your hair first, lather the bar in your hand like you would with soap, and massage through your hair. Alternatively, rub the bar through your wet hair. Rinse after a few minutes.

Solid Shampoo and Conditioner

Lotion is a major hassle for travel as their containers frequently leak. Solid lotion solves this problem by moisturizing your skin without ruining all your clean clothing when the bottle breaks.

Solid Lotion

An obvious alternative to your liquid body wash is soap. Dove makes body bars of soap that cleanse your skin while moisturising. Don’t forget to bring some sort of container to keep it in until it dries.

Solid Body wash

Washing your face is an important part of your daily routine but face wash can add to your toiletry bag. Swap out your liquid face wash in favor of a bar.

Solid Face wash

Keep those earring backs safe by threading them through those extra buttons you’ve been saving from every shirt.

Solid Perfume

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