How to Use Our Best Minimalist Packing Tips

I thought it would be fun to share how all my best ultralight and minimalist packing tips can be used to better organize your home, streamline your belongings and ultimately produce less waste.

Long story short, if you have a smaller backpack, you can’t pack more than what fits. It also pushes you to be creative and extremely selective with what you do choose to fill the smaller space.

Minimalist Packing Tip: Downsize Your Luggage

– If you tend to use your closet section and also some of your husband’s, make your husband’s section off-limits.

How You Can Apply This to Home

– If you have kitchen items sprawling out onto your kitchen counter, make it a goal to only keep what fits inside your shelves and drawers. – If you have a never ending supply of craft goods, give yourself a goal of downsizing to 1-2 storage containers.

Learning to compartmentalize composes a big part of our packing tips section, and it goes hand-in-hand with packing super light. When you compartmentalize (assigning belongings to different cubes, sacks, pouches, bags, etc.), everything has a home.

Minimalist Packing Tip: Compartmentalize

Old shoe boxes go into drawers, and containers get labels. Belongings are put in logical places where they are used. With this system, you know what you have and where you have it.

How You Can Apply This to Home

Most of the time, you can get by with being creative with what you already have. You may not have the best option, but you have a sufficient option.

Minimalist Packing Tip: Think About Contingency Plans

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