Anatomie Skyler Pants: The Best Travel Pants Ever

The Skyler pants have accompanied me on long days of walking and sightseeing, excruciatingly long days of sitting in transit, and to the fun of dinner or drinks.

There is no getting around that point. Their flexibility in both fabric and style makes them especially nice for business travelers who need to look smart, but also don’t want to pack different sets of clothing for work and pleasure.

These pants are versatile!

The fabric is high performing, quick drying, machine washable, and stretchy. Not only that, these pants are also super lightweight and wrinkle resistant.

Do they have any cool features that most pants don’t?

YES. Super comfortable.

Are they comfortable?

While the pockets are standard pocket size, the close-fitting nature of the pants and the thin fabric mean they show everything. I can have a hair tie in my pocket and you will see it.


SO FAST. Seriously, I have spilled things on myself while out and I was surprised at how quickly it all disappeared! On a warm or breezy day, these could dry in minutes.

How fast do they dry if they get wet?

My medium-sized Skyler pants weigh about 5.9oz (167g). I weighed a pair of jeans and they came in at 1.12 pounds (17.9oz / 508g). To put it in perspective, I could pack 3 pair of the Anatomie pants in place of 1 pair of jeans!


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