A Guide To Packing Liquid Toiletries

If there is ever a thing that causes more stress on a female traveler these days (well… besides picking the right shoes), it would probably be liquid toiletries.

– Mouthwash is an easy one to cut out. A trip is temporary, so you can always get back on the mouthwash train when you return home. – If you learn to embrace your natural hair on this trip, hair spray could be the next cut you make.

Step 1: Cut Items Out

– Can you handle a shampoo and conditioner in one? – Instead of a facial moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen, can you pack a BB cream instead?

Step 2: Look for Two-in-One items

1. It puts them into leak-proof containers. 2. It cuts back on unnecessary space and weight usage.

Step 3: Repackage Everything

When flying, the pressure has a tendency to pop bottles and caps open, or cause just enough pressure so they leak. Quality travel bottles will help avoid this issue.

Transfer Your Liquids to Leak-proof Containers

Nalgene Travel Bottles: I’m a big proponent of Nalgene travel bottles as I have been using them for over a decade without a single leak… ever. The only downside is that they do not squeeze.

Recommended Travel Bottles

Think about it. A small jar of facial cream will often contain something in the lines of 25% or more of just the container.

Remove Wasted Space and Weight from Unnecessary Packaging

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