A 40L Packing List for All Climates

As with most things in your life, if you don’t love it, you need to leave it. You are paying a lot of money to travel and putting in a lot of effort to hauling this stuff around for weeks on end! Only bring what you love, and only bring what you can layer.

Rainshell – This has to be a sturdy, light layer that packs easily. Remember, as you add more layers, this will be the very top and so you may need to go up a size to make sure your other jackets can fit beneath.


Packable Insulated Jacket – Think light puffy coat. An insulated mid layer that is either down or down alternative. This will be worn under your rainshell but may be worn on top of a hoodie jacket.

Tops are usually the focal point of outfits and should be items that you like and would be comfortable being photographed in, since they’ll make the most appearances in your travel pics


Hiking Pants – Bring one comfortable pair of hiking/outdoor pants that you can use for rougher activities. It can even just be a pair of pants you love that are super comfortable but that are made with a heavy duty fabric.


Jeans – No matter where you are going in the world, jeans are always in fashion. I brought my favorite pair and I suggest you do too. Bring the ones you would live in if you could.

Shoes are always the biggest conundrum! Luckily, if you have a few versatile and comfy pairs, you will be set for the entire trip!


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