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HPL Programs like courses, masterclasses, memberships and masterminds.

When you want to take control of your packing once and for all, Her Packing List has a program that can help.

By joining one of the following courses, memberships or masterminds, you are making it a priority to address and resolve your packing issues. Plus, each of these programs has been designed to get results… if you do the work! 🙂

Carry-On-Only Crash Course

  • Problem: You want to ensure you can travel without checking a bag.
  • Time Investment: An afternoon.
  • Cost Investment: $27 USD

Handbag Packing Masterclass

Handbag Packing Masterclass cover
  • Problem: Your carry-on is still too big/heavy, or you want to pack in a personal item.
  • Time Investment: An intensive week or a casual month.
  • Cost Investment: $179 USD