Want to pack light but don't know where to start? Let's find the perfect size bag using this quiz!

HPL Programs like courses, masterclasses, memberships and masterminds.

When you want to take control of your packing once and for all, Her Packing List has a program that can help.

By joining one of the following courses or memberships, you are making it a priority to address and resolve your packing issues. Plus, each of these programs has been designed to get results… if you do the work! 🙂

The HPL Packing Method Program

A membership program featuring our signature course in a community-based format with supplemental courses, trainings, and guidance to ensure you reach your packing goals.

  • Problem: You want extra guidance while learning the HPL Packing Method along with a supportive community of travelers after the same goal.
  • Time Investment: You choose! You get access to the HPM Program for life.
  • Cost Investment: TBD

HPL Packing Method

Our signature course in a self-guided format with bonus material to help you get results.

  • Problem: Your carry-on is still too big/heavy, you struggle with packing anxiety, or you want to pack in a personal item (or handbag).
  • Time Investment: You choose – a casual 4 weeks, a focused week, or an intensive weekend.
  • Cost Investment: $129