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Tired of overpacking for every trip, but not ready to invest a lot of energy or money into fixing the problem?

Not sure of where to start when it comes to packing smarter, so you get overwhelmed and throw things in your suitcase at the last minute?

Leaving on a trip soon and simply don't have the time to start from the beginning?

Then Packing 101 is the course for you!

In just 5 days, Packing 101 will transform the way you pack your bags today, tomorrow, and for every trip you ever take.

Learn my 5 most actionable, simple, and effective packing tips. If you do nothing else than these 5 tips, you will most definitely have a smarter packed bag AND a better travel experience.

These are what I consider the bare minimum tips that make the most impact on your travel experience. There's a reason it's called a survival packing course!

BEST OF ALL: It's free to enroll, and you don't have to buy a thing to complete the course. #winning

What's Included in Packing 101:

  • A 5 day video course discussing one simple, actionable packing tip per day, delivered by email
  • The 'Create Your Perfect Packing List' guide - to help you define what you should pack for a trip according to your specific needs
  • The HPL Editable, Printable, Reusable Packing List Template - to print out your finalized list in a beautiful checklist format

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