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Dear Traveler, Meet AROAMAS and Never Leave Your Perfume Behind Again

Aroamas solid travel perfume sticks

I may run this packing and travel gear site, but that doesn’t mean that packing for new adventures isn’t sometimes a drag. Time after time I find myself leaving behind pairs of cute shoes, extra hair care products, and definitely any type of perfume or body spray.

When it comes to things that are deemed absolutely unnecessary for travel, perfume has been near the top of the list for years since it is both an extra liquid and a product that often comes in glass bottles that have a tendency to leak. Yet, it is also the item I seem to miss the most at key moments in my travels.

That was until I discovered solid perfumes.

When you think of solid perfumes, you probably think of messy lip balm pots, or maybe even something like those found at Lush. Luckily, there is now Aroamas, a business I launched earlier this year, with conveniently travel sized and travel themed solid perfume sticks to accompany you on your adventures.

The concept of solid perfume sticks is easy. It looks like a lip balm, but melts on the skin, carrying perfume oil to your points of application. Just swipe your wrists, neck, chest and behind the ears from the convenience of a mess-free tube. Easy!

Aroamas - like a rainbow
Aroamas – like a rainbow.

Can You Relate?

As a female traveler, I’m sure you can relate to any one of these situations:

  • You spend the entire day sightseeing in a new destination, walking in the hot sun, and finally end up heading straight to dinner and evening activities without time to actually stop and freshen up. As a resourceful woman, you head to the bathroom, splash your face, run a comb through your hair, and maybe apply some lip balm… but that’s just not always enough.
  • You’re in a close-knit travel space (think plane, train or bus) and want to make yourself smell a bit fresher, but you also don’t want to spray the air and have everyone else choking on your perfume.
  • You worry about having that heavy, bulky bottle of your favorite fragrance in your suitcase. Can we say leaky mess and wasted money?
  • You want to go out for a night on the town, but dancing and being close to other people makes you nervous. You want a way to reapply perfume, but it also needs to fit in a tiny clutch, or even better, your pocket.

In each and every situation above, Aroamas travel perfume sticks would solve the problem. Tiny, convenient and beautiful smelling, they are the addition to your travel packing lists that you’ve been missing.

Meet Aroamas

The Aroamas line was created with the traveler in mind; even the name has a little play on words in it. Our solid fragrances are meant to evoke feelings and moments of travel, or just provide a bit of practicality while on the road.

I, personally, create each and every Aroamas travel perfume stick by hand, with just the right amounts of our natural base (beeswax and coconut oil) so that it is firm and solid in warm weather yet also meltable on the skin. Coconut oil in particular is widely used in cosmetics and massage oils given it readily absorbs into the skin and doesn’t clog pores. Win.

The starter pack.
The starter pack: Parisian, Bondi Beach, One Way Ticket

The Aroamas Line

  • Parisian – Sweet, warm and pretty, just like you. Our best-selling fragrance, and once you smell it, you’ll know why.
  • One Way Ticket – A light, crisp and pretty fragrance with notes of citrus and flowers.
  • Bondi Beach – Evocative of beach, sand and sunscreen.
  • My Thai – A bit of mandarin, lime, basil, pepper and thyme. Think Southeast Asia but with a twist.
  • Mountain Air – A clean, green, minty fresh breath of air.
  • Almaty Apple – Green apple married with grapefruit and amber. Another HOT fragrance.
  • Baby Powder – Baby powder, the ultimate shower fresh scent.
  • Lavanderia – Meaning “laundry” in Spanish, this is evocative of clean laundry off the line. Great for when you haven’t been able to wash your clothes on the road – at least you can smell like you did!

And so many more! We even have a line of MAN SCENTS for your travel partners in crime.

Aroamas perfume sticks

What Makes Aroamas So Great?

To sum up the benefits of Aroamas solid perfume sticks, they are:

  • Liquid free travel accessories that won’t spill or leak in your bag
  • Alcohol free perfumes which means they are better for your skin
  • Conveniently travel sized to fit in pockets, purses, cargo pockets, etc.
  • Deliciously fragrant to keep you smelling sweet the world over

And let’s not forget, they are:

  • Handmade with love by a traveler for travelers

Where to Buy

Are you interested in adding Aroamas travel perfume sticks to your packing list? If so, you can buy from our main online shop here. Please note that Aroamas operates from Sydney, Australia, so prices are listed in Australian dollars. If you’d like to shop in USD, or your local currency, take a look at our Etsy shop.

We ship internationally from Australia, so please factor in extra time of 1-3 weeks before arrival.

We will be launching an official Her Packing List shop soon where Aroamas will also be sold – stay tuned!

Do you think Aroamas travel perfume sticks sound like a great addition to your packing list? Let us know why in the comments below.

Written by Brooke

I run the show at Her Packing List and love packing ultralight. In fact, I once traveled for 3 entire weeks with just the contents of a well-packed 12L handbag. When I'm not obsessing over luggage weight, I'm planning adventures or just snuggling with my pet rabbit, Sherlock Bunz.

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Reader Interactions


  1. Dianne says

    I use Lush solid stick perfume and like it a lot. If you offer vanilla, lavender, or coconut scents I would definitely buy. Good luck in your new business.

  2. Mary Jo Manzanares says

    What a wonderful idea – I’m going to go check them out.

    However, here in the U.S., these would have to go in the liquid bag. The perfume stick, like deodorant, chapstick, lipstick, etc. all fall under the liquid and gel rule and are subject to those limitations.

    • Brooke says

      Hi Mary Jo! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Can you direct me to some further information on your comment about these counting as liquids / gels?

      A post on the TSA blog states:

      “Answers to common questions: Stick deodorant is not limited to 3.4 oz or less, but gel or spray deodorant is. Powder makeup is fine. Common size facial cosmetic and medicinal products in a tube, for example mascara, lip gloss, and lip balm are not required to be placed in the 1 qt. bag.”

    • Tricia Hoy says

      Hi Brooke, really late in posting, but I agree with your post – things like chapstick and stick foundation, stick perfume, is not considered a liquid. I’m excited to try your sticks!

  3. Mary Jo Manzanares says

    You know the paragraph in the article that says that your personal experience may vary? And the part that says the TSA has the right to check anything that they aren’t sure of?

    Well, that’s the way it is with the airports I fly into/out of. And I do it to the tune of 4 days/week. I’ve seen mascara, deodorant, and chapstick removed and sent back through on a regular basis. I ALWAYS include those things in my liquid/gel bag – I don’t want to be the person holding up the line and having daggers shot at them by other passengers.

    It may make it through on occasion, but I wouldn’t count on it.

    Sort of like all the other things I’m not supposed to have to do. But still have to do it because they require it on site.

    (P.S. I’m a flight attendant in my day job, so I frequent the TSA lines a lot. I’ll ask at the next few airports I go through and report back how they rationalize it.)

  4. Megan says

    My Aroamas (Parisian) arrived last week! It was a hard call to part with my perfume, I’ve worn the same one for 10 years (Dior, Hypnotic Poison). But I just can’t justify carting a whole bottle around when I’m trying to pack light. Such a brilliant idea Brooke.

  5. Kristin says

    I carried my ‘Parisian’ all around Europe and even used it in Paris 🙂 It came in very handy on my boat trip in Croatia where we only had a sink for a shower too!!

    Such a great idea and I’ll definitely be taking mine on all my future trips. I didn’t have any issues with it being counted as a liquid either (although half the time I forgot to put my contacts in a plastic bag and they didn’t pull me up on that either).

    Love all the new scents too — very tempted to try them all!

  6. Toni says

    I will be heading off to Europe in January, and this is exactly what I need. I used to have a perfume..that was baby powder, and I’m thrilled that you guys offer one, even if it is in the limited edition, so I shall snatch this up now, maybe…another as well so I can try it out, and have one more my trip. It seems like such a great idea.

  7. Robyn says

    I was a little hesitant when ordered a few of these for an upcoming trip, mostly because I really wasn’t convinced that I wanted to give up my favourite perfume for 6 months while I was away. After your 30 days of packing blog, I’d convinced myself that I could somehow pour it into a smaller plastic bottle and stuff it in some socks and I’d be fine (what could go wrong?). Eventually I caved when, upon telling my partner of my brilliant plan, he laughed at me and told me he wouldn’t sit next to me on the bus/plane/train if the bottle broke in my bag and I ended up reeking of Madagascan Vanilla Flower for the entire trip…

    So, feeling somewhat defeated, I thought I’d give these a go (secretly hoping they were terrible, just so I could take my perfume) and was surprised just how much I love them!

    I ordered three but they’re so handy, I’ll probably need some more before I even get to my trip. I’ve now got one stashed in my handbag, sports bag and drawer at work.

    I was a bit unsure if I’d like the scents, so I ordered Journey and Aztec (which will be great for a night out) but the baby powder is definitely my favourite! It’s a lovely, fresh fragrance that’s not too “perfume-y”, so great for any outfit any time of the day.

    Another concern I had was that rubbing the scent on a small patch, rather than a larger spray might mean that the scent would dissipate quickly. I’ve only worn it around the office so far but can still smell it by the end of the day.

    They’re a really handy size although I’m so in love with the baby powder one that I’d love to see it in a 5g stick as well.

    They seem a bit soft, so I’m not sure how they’ll hold up in the heat in Asia, but at least if they melt, they won’t stink out my entire bag! 🙂

    • Brooke says

      Robyn – you had me giggling here 😀 I’m very happy that you love our Aroamas so much. Thank you for this brilliant write-up – I appreciate your business and support! xx

    • Brooke says

      Hi Becca! Lasting power depends on your personal body chemistry and activity level – and the fragrance itself. I usually apply mine about 2 times a day since I always have them in my purse. Just remember that solid perfumes are different than normal perfumes in that they fragrance you instead of the air around you. Happy to answer any other questions you might have 🙂

  8. Elizabeth says

    This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. Boyfriend and I are traveling together for the first time this spring; I normally keep things very simple so it’s taken some creativity to work a few girly, pretty touches into my travel routine. I just ordered some Aroamas and am excited to try them!

  9. Svenja says

    I’m addicted to those handy little perfume sticks – started with a 3-months subscription, which I promptly followed with a three-pack and a new six-months subscription. They are lovely on the road, perfect for keeping 3-1-1 baggies light, and convenient in everyday life, and I haven’t had a single one I don’t love so far – right now I couldn’t even name a favorite, the ones I have are all awesome!
    I have always loved perfume and scented body lotions, but I have to confess I am neglecting my (embarrassingly large) collection and reach for my little jar of Aroamas every single day now…

    • Brooke says

      Svenja! You’ve made my day 🙂 I’m thrilled that you love your Aroamas and find them useful in both your travel and daily life. Thank you for the awesome feedback and continued business. xx

    • Brooke says

      Hi Leighann – It’s similar to a lip balm, so yes it can if exposed to high heat for extended periods… like being left in the car in the summer.

    • Brooke says

      Hi Lily! It varies for everyone depending on how much people like to wear. I tend to find that if a person buys just one stick, they will reorder about 2-3 months later. If you plan to use diligently, then go for the lower end of that spectrum. If you have a few to rotate between, then you’ll be set for a very long trip!


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