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Let’s Get Packing! Tips for Lisbon in Summer


Portugal’s capital is an ancient city with a very modern vibe and a perfect destination for that break you’ve been longing for. But before starting to pack for your stay in Lisbon take these tips into account:

Lisbon enjoys a Subtropical-Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and very warm summers.

The typical summer’s season lasts about 6 months, from May to October, with an average temperature of 25 °C (77 °F) during the day and 16.2 °C (61.2 °F) at night, although in November, March and April sometimes there are temperatures above 20 °C (68.0 °F). So if you are planning to spend a lot of time outside exploring the sights of the city, it is essential for you to bring light, loose-fitting clothing that provides comfort during your tour. Although the days are very hot, at night it gets a bit cooler so it’s a good idea to bring a light jacket with you.

As Paris, Lisbon is also known as the City of Light and you will understand why when you get there.

The light is so powerful and the streets are so bright you will probably feel you can’t see properly. That’s why I strongly recommend you a pair of good sunglasses. Sunscreen it’s also a must. Rain occurs mainly in winter and the summer is very dry, so you shouldn’t need an umbrella for this period.

Portuguese also know Lisbon as the “cidade das sete colinas” (city of the seven hills), since legend says that the city was originally built over seven hills.

These means you will probably have to do some uphill walking during your tours. And if to this you add its popular cobbled streets… yes, you better bring a good pair of walking shoes and forget about high heels if you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the street. But if you don’t like walking don’t panic because Lisbon’s charming old-style trams will get you to the peaks without any effort. Just make sure you take a camera, because the panoramic view from the top of its hills will take your breath away. The same will happen with its many churches and religious sites, as the Lisbon Cathedral or the Hieronymites Monastery, near the shore of the parish of Belem. Remember that is preferable no to visit them with bare legs and shoulders. Although they are not as strict as in Italy, bring something to cover you just in case.

lisbon sunshine

Lisbon is located right in the mouth of the Tagus River so that although there isn’t a beach it doesn’t take more than a 10 minutes journey by train to reach one, as the famous beaches of Cascais and Estoril. But maybe you will prefer Carcavelos, much larger and spacious. If you’re planning to spend some days on the beach don’t forget your swimsuit, towel and flip flops. And if you love surfing, Portugal has some of the best beaches in the world to practice surf, so you can take advantage of your stay in Lisbon to introduce you to this world with one of the several courses they have.

If you plan to visit an especially elegant restaurant or attend the theatre at night, you will probably feel more comfortable wearing more formal clothing. The same if you plan to go to a disco. Portuguese people wear more elegant clothes at night but they are more traditionalist than flashy so try to be discreet if you don’t want to be noticed.

So, if you are definitely going to Lisbon this summer I just have to say, enjoy the sun, enjoy the light and enjoy the city of Lisbon!

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  1. Helena says

    One thing that people should know about the weather in the summer. The average is NOT 25ºC. The temperatures in the summer now reach an average of 40ºC with no wind.
    Be carefull when traveling!

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