Transform your packing so that you can travel without checking a bag in just 5 days!

Even if you’ve been trying for years or simply don’t know where to start.


Join the hands-on live training that will give you the guidance and motivation to finally make carry-on only packing possible.

Carry-on Only Crash Course takes place September 18-22, 2022!

You know that packing carry-on only will benefit your travels in all the right ways.

🚫 Airlines are charging more and more money for checked baggage.

🚫 Airports around the world have had crazy luggage backlogs this year.

🚫 Sore backs, arms, and necks easily ruin that laid-back holiday vibe.

🚫 And did I mention all the wasted time from waiting… and waiting… and waiting?

But you still haven’t been able to make traveling with just cabin baggage a reality.

Perhaps you try but get discouraged and quickly lose motivation.

Let’s change that, okay?

If you have 5 days, you can make big change to the way you pack.

It’s all happening in the Carry-on Only Crash Course!

I’m dishing out the secret ingredients that make carry-on-only packing not just possible… but also easy.

Yes, you can do it!

The secret lies in my 3 light packing principles.

Implement these principles and you’ll be able to successfully pack:

☑️ Within your carry-on limits

☑️ In a way that makes you feel confident and full of possibilities

Who am I?

Oh, glad you asked 🙂

I’m Brooke, the founder of Her Packing List. I help women to pack confidently light so that they can travel with less baggage – and a lot less stress!

While I specialize in packing ultralight, I’ve heard from numerous readers that they are looking for more help with that first step of carry-on only.

That’s how this crash course was born.

How does Carry-on Only Crash Course work?

1️⃣ Each day, I will go live in our members-only Facebook group with a 45-minute training including Q&A.

2️⃣ You’ll receive a simple daily task that will put your teachings into action.

3️⃣ The supportive community will keep you motivated and working towards your packing goals with ease.

(Video replays are available through September 27th.)

Live Training

Day 1: Launch Party

September 18th at 6pm PDT

Let’s lay the groundwork for getting the most out of this crash course. Plus, get to know your guide (that’s me!) better 🙂

Day 2: Getting Real with Boundaries

September 19th at 6pm PDT

Oh, the harsh, harsh realities of carry-on-only packing. Let’s explore a practical way of ensuring your success.

Day 3: Just Enough

September 20th at 6pm PDT

When is a glass of water full? (And what the heck does water have to do with this?!) Also, learn one of my favorite light packing principles that gets instant results.

Day 4: Thinking in Multiple Ways

September 21st at 6pm PDT

It’s more than what you think! Today’s lesson will help you pack in a way that makes you feel confident and full of possibilities.

Day 5: How to Guarantee Carry-on Only Packing

September 22nd at 6pm PDT

You have the pieces and the principles to make it happen. Here’s what it takes to guarantee your ongoing success.

Oh, and we’re not done yet! Here are the FREE bonuses you get as part of the crash course.

☑️ BONUS #1: Done-for-You Carry-On Packing List Examples

☑️ BONUS #2: Airline Carry-on Allowances Guide

☑️ BONUS #3: Minimal Travel Wardrobe Formula

☑️ BONUS #4: Carry-on Only Crash Course Workbook

Sound like something you need?

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  • 5 daily lessons with Q&A and actionable tasks ($97 value)
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  • BONUS: Carry-on Only Crash Course Workbook ($17 value)
  • BONUS: Done-for-You Carry-on Packing List Examples ($29 value)
  • BONUS: Airline Carry-on Allowances Guide ($17 value)
  • BONUS: Minimal Travel Wardrobe Formula ($17 value)

This is a $206 value

Just $27 when you join today

Crash Course FAQs

What if I can’t make the live trainings?

I highly recommend making it to the live trainings if you can. The ability to participate live and ask questions during the Q&A section is invaluable.

That said, all trainings will be recorded and available for replay until the Facebook group closes after September 27, 2022.

What happens after I register?

You will receive an email from me inviting you to our members-only Facebook group where all the magic will happen. Request to join, and I will approve your access as soon as possible.

You will receive another email from me on September 15th with all of your bonus material and other information to get you pumped for our September 18th launch party!

Ready to pack carry-on only once and for all?