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Write for Her Packing List

Write for Her Packing List

The voice of Her Packing List is a collective that will only grow bigger and grow stronger as more female travelers participate. If you are a female traveler with tips and experience when it comes to female travel gear, then we are looking for your submissions.

::: Paid Writing :::

There are no open paid writing positions at HPL at this moment. However, we are working extremely hard in the background trying to grow this site to the position where we will hire several writers. So, keep in touch! We have a habit of gathering up ladies we know and who have helped us out before!

::: Guest Write for Her Packing List :::

Her Packing List has a number of areas available where you can share your voice. Some of the following categories are good places to start, but don’t hesitate in contacting Brooke with any of your unique and clever ideas!

The One Little Thing: These posts are short interviews with a traveler discussing in further detail just what one little thing she cannot travel without.

Ultimate Female Packing Lists: Would you consider yourself an expert in packing for a certain part of the world? HPL is looking to create an ultimate female travel packing list for… well… everywhere!

Inspiring Books: Books are generally on a girl’s packing list no matter the trip, so of course it is going to be included on the HPL website! If you’ve read a book relating to female travel and found it inspiring, get in touch about doing a review. We’re looking for personal accounts of how the book was inspiring to you, the female traveler, instead of those run-of-the-mill bland accounts.

Shoulda Woulda Coulda: Have you had an experience while on the road where you really wish you had included an item on your packing list? Did you learn from your mistakes? Do you now have some worthwhile information or tips you’d like to share with other female travelers? The Shoulda Woulda Coulda section is perfect for you!

Product Reviews: We want to know what you thought of that special travel fabric shirt, those quick-drying pants, your silk sleep sheet, your comfortable walking shoes, and whatever else you might need on your travels! We want to know the good and the bad, so do share.

::: Guest Post Requirements :::

We’re pretty flexible here at HPL, but posts should generally be no less than 400 words. If you have photos of the product you’re reviewing, or yourself using the product, those are ALWAYS welcome (resized to 600px wide). And, if a review happens to be negative, do your best to provide both positives and negatives in your review — even though a product doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else. Be sure to include a short bio at the end of the post with links to your social media accounts so you can get the proper credit you deserve.

Send your post as a Word document with photos attached to the email separately.


  • Contact HPL before writing. Send us a pitch that we approve, and then you can get to writing.
  • Send only unique content. The post must be unique and original to Her Packing List or else may be removed at our discretion.
  • Approval for edits. By submitting a post to Her Packing List, you are giving permission to the HPL editorial team to make any changes necessary to your content so it better fits the site’s voice.
  • Approval for affiliate links. A large focus of this website is affiliate sales and so we occasionally insert a link to the product being talked about in case the reader would like to purchase or learn more on their own. By submitting your post, you are providing permission for us to do so.
  • Approval for use by HPL. By submitting a guest post, you are giving Her Packing List the right to use the content in other HPL ventures, such as marketing the site or in future ebooks, books and guides.

If you are a company (or represent a company) looking for coverage on our site, please get in touch about advertising. Guest posting is NOT a way for you to get free links on HPL. These posts will not be accepted.

::: After the Post is Published :::

For this to be a win-win experience, promotion should work both ways. Please share your guest post through social media, or link back to it from your blog, which is especially useful for those building up a freelance writing portfolio. Please also reply to comments on the post should anyone have questions regarding what you wrote.

::: What Guest Writers Get in Return :::

Guest writers will have a personal bio included at the end of each post with links to sites and social media accounts. All guest posts will be shared on social network sites with the HPL community and in our newsletter.

EXTRA PERK: Any blogger that writes for HPL during the month will have their blog listed on the sidebar during the following month. Just a little extra love for ya! Fun!

We can’t wait to hear from you and look forward to reading your submissions!