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Should I… Pack My Blow Dryer?

What to pack really comes down to your personal preferences for traveling, whether that is hardcore backpacking or luxury hotel going. There are things to consider when trying to decide if you want to take items such as straighteners and blow dryers, and we’re going to start with talking about the ins and outs of […]

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To Journal or Not to Journal

I have a feeling that female travelers are more likely to carry a journal — an actual paper and pen type thing — during their travels. A number of guys like to journal as well, but like I said, I think that women are the ones to make it a priority. With a large influx […]

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womens backpacks

Women’s Backpacks: How are they different?

In my opinion, the backpack purchase (or suitcase if that’s how you roll) is one of the most important decisions to make before heading out on the road. I often associate the backpack as a traveler’s home since it is where you keep all of your important possessions locked up. In addition, you’ll want something […]

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