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Top 5 iPhone Add Ons

iPhones are the must-have electronic device in travel these days for all the apps and accessories you can add to them. It means you can pack less items and still get the same quality for photos and videos.

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Camera Review: Canon EOS Rebel T1i

I’ve always been a believer that it’s the photographer, not the camera, that makes a great photo. But I knew one day I would want to trade in my point and shoot, a dependable Canon Powershot SD1000 Digital Elph, for a digital SLR.

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D-SLR Cameras: The Positives in Taking Them Traveling

A while back I talked about how I carry a D-SLR camera with me when I travel, but why I often second guess my decision. There are plenty of negatives in taking them traveling, like the fact that you can lose it or have it stolen, but when it comes to having amazing holiday photos, […]

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D-SLR Cameras: The Negatives in Taking Them Traveling

As a D-SLR owner, I go back and forth often about the benefits and drawbacks of carrying a bulky camera while traveling. I love the photos it takes; the quality is like no other. However, I can’t sometimes get myself to want to take it out for the day with fears of bulky bags and […]

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