Headbands: The Ultimate Travel Hair Solution

As someone who has had short hair for the last four years, there’s only so much you can do with it. I can’t curl it, I can’t pull it all the way back and it’s flat as a stick. My way of accessorizing when I travel is by switching it up with headbands. I love that I can throw one on when I don’t feel like washing my hair and it covers up greasy spots. They take up hardly any room, which makes them an essential travel hair accessory. Headbands are also ideal for all lengths and textures of hair. You just have to find the right style for you.

Fabric headbands

Ideal for workouts, fabric headbands can be found virtually anywhere. My favorites are a mint headband from ExOfficio and a braided blue headband from Old Navy’s workout clothing line. If you don’t feel like spending the money on fabric headbands, you can make your own in any design you like.

colorful headbands

Source: etsy.com via Julianne on Pinterest

Make your own using ribbon and elastic by purchasing a pattern that you like from your local craft store. Measure it against your head and leave enough room for the elastic. Go over your stitch twice on each end and voila!

If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can make headbands out of grubby old t-shirts. You’re recycling and getting a new look at the same time. Cut your beloved tee into five strips, braid together and sew!

Floral or decorative headbands
caroline headband

Headbands with flowers, feathers or jewels can take an outfit from basic to fashionable very easily. I’ve purchased flower headbands for super cheap in markets in Thailand and was given one from Chile, but my favorite is one my grandmother found at a market. You can see me rocking it in Australia’s Hunter Valley above. These are easy to make as well. You can buy flowers and feathers from your local craft or garden store and hot glue them onto a cheap headband.

Basic headbands

Basic plastic headbands can be bought in bulk at stores like Forever 21 in every color you could ask for. You can wear them with your hear up or down.

Wraps, scarves and bandanas


Source: etsy.com via Caroline on Pinterest

While they’re not traditional headbands, they are also stylish ways of keeping your hair out of your face. Erica swears that her bandana is her One Little Thing for its versatility as a hair accessory, to wipe off sweat and if need be, a tourniquet. Bobbi loves her Buff for many of the same reasons. If your style is more scarf than bandana, you can wrap your scarf like a turban for a very Audrey Hepburn-esque look.

What do you pack as a quick fix for travel hair?


  1. Kristina says

    I´m using them also for security. When I am traveling alone, I have one on (just very simple, unobtrusive) and inside 100e banknote for any case. If you are going thrue some dangerous areas, they can stolle your bags, they can take out every pieces of your clothes but they can´t be interested in you headband… That´s my theory:-)


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