Tempurpedic Travel NeckPillow Review

We spend up to one-third of our lives in bed, so it’s important to have a supportive mattress and pillow. However, a quality bed and pillow can be more challenging to find on the road, especially when you’re like me and experience chronic back and neck misalignments and pain.

No matter where I travel, I’m thankful I can add the Tempurpedic Travel NeckPillow to my packing list. I bought it exclusively for domestic and international and wouldn’t dream of traveling without it.

Though I once called it a luxury item as it’s not your typical item to pack and takes up valuable space, this pillow is actually a necessity for me. It offers proper alignment and comfortable support while I sleep  and minimizes pain on trips.

About the pillow

Tempurpedic pillows are known for their contoured designs which support placement and alignment of the neck, shoulder, and spine. The Tempurpedic Travel NeckPillow looks just like their traditional, full-size pillow but is smaller (10″ x 12″ x 4″ versus 20″ x 12″ x 4″ for the standard medium size).

For travel (or when not in use), roll the pillow as you would a sleeping bag and place it in its zippered storage pouch. The pouch’s compact cylindrical shape tucks neatly into a suitcase or backpack (SIZE).

You can add a pillow case, but this travel pillow comes with a cover that hugs the pillow snugly and zips.

The Tempurpedic Travel NeckPillow retails for $79 on the Tempurpedic website.

How I’ve traveled with it

sleepy feetI first heard of the pillow when my chiropractor encouraged me to invest in one for my travels. He recommended that I place the pillow on top of a standard pillow at the hostel or hotel, and I’ve always followed his advice.

Before every trip, I roll the pillow, place it in its pouch, and place it in its typical spot in my suitcase – in one of the corners on the top of two layers of neatly arranged packing cubes and other organizational tools. It takes up approximately 1/6 of the top layer of my suitcase, which is just a few inches larger than carry-on size.

At a few hostels, I’ve noticed a sign forbidding the use of personal bedding. I understand the reasoning behind this, but it hasn’t kept me from using my pillow. I place it on top of the thin hostel pillows which are actually perfect for providing another inch or two of height and support.

When I haven’t had a pillow to place underneath, say on a camping trip, I place the travel pillow on top my longest packing cube when it’s fully packed – works like a charm!

I’ve now used the pillow far longer than I ever thought I would! I think replacing it with a new one is on my travel product wish list for the upcoming year.

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My thoughts on the Tempurpedic Travel NeckPillow

sleepOverall, I’ve been very pleased with the pillow – so much so that I plan to purchase a replacement soon!

Though it takes up room in my suitcase that other people would have available, the space it occupies is more than worth it due to the support it offers. It’s a mini version of the standard size pillow I use at home, and it helps me sleep easier to know that my neck and spine are being taken care of while I sleep.

The pillow cover is a snap to wash, and I’ve found that I can wash and dry it with pretty much anything.

I’ve found my chiropractor’s advice to be spot-on. The pillow on its own seems to be too small to use as the sole pillow. Placing it on a thin, firm pillow seems to provide the best height to support my neck and shoulder. Using anything other than a thin pillow elevates my neck too much. The Tempurpedic website does not mention using the NeckPillow with another pillow, so I’m sure may be able to use it on its own.

My one gripe? Over time, the pillow begins to flatten. In fact, I think Tempurpedic pillows are known for losing their shape and support over time, but all pillows do! The pillow may flatten faster if it’s always kept in the storage pouch when not in use. Any time you remove it from the pouch and unroll it, it takes a few minutes to regain its full shape. However, I’ve found that after several years of use and sometimes storing it for a few months at a time in the pouch, the pillow fails to regain its full shape once unrolled. I suppose it’s time for me to buy a new one! And this time, I won’t keep it in the pouch unless it’s packed in my suitcase.

Would you invest in something like the NeckPillow? What types of pillows have you packed or how have you made your own on the road?


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    I’d seen you mention this pillow before in a previous post. I’ve been meaning to ask you about it for ages, so I’m so glad you wrote this! Ever since getting whiplash from a car accident 4 years ago, I’ve been a lot pickier about my pillows. I hate waking up sore and suffering for it all day. I’m definitely going to invest in one of these…hopefully it arrives before my next trip!

    • says

      Awesome! Let me know what you think. And I definitely do recommend placing it on a thin pillow wherever you’re staying.

      My chiro has also recommended that if I don’t use a pillow like this that I roll a small towel (bigger than a hand towel but smaller than a bath towel) and place it on my regular pillow. It was kind of uncomfortable at first and it tends to roll away during the night, but it’s definitely supportive!

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