Let’s get packing! Tips for Venice in Summer

Italy remains as one of the world’s favourite destinations by tourists, who are attracted by its art, history, architecture and food. Whether you are planning to visit all the country, or you just want to spend some days in amazing Venice, you must pack your suitcase carefully and take into account many things.


Italy is usually very hot in summer so you better pack light clothes, such as shorts, sleeveless t-shirts and dresses. But remember that many historic churches demand modest attire to let you in, which means you have to wear shirts that reach to the elbows and trousers or skirts below the knee. Take this into account not only when packing but also before you leave your Venice apartments in the morning, depending on what you’re planning to do that day.

Also know that Italians dress up for nearly everything, so if you want to fit in bring some slightly dressier clothes, especially for the evening. A good idea would be to pack stylish outfits that are comfortable enough to wear all day long. Bring simple base pieces that can be combined with bolder items to create different outfits.


In Venice, most transportation occurs over the water, including the vaporettos, the gondolas and the taxis. However, it is very recommendable to walk as much as you can through the city’s narrow and cobblestoned streets. But walking up and down the streets of Venice for hours can be quite tiring without the right footwear. This means bringing along a comfortable pair of walking shoes (please, forget about white running shoes as these will only make you look like a tourist). High heels are not recommended unless you get a taxi that takes you from one place to another. And this can be expensive…

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Headgear and eye protection

The heat can be very intense, especially taking into account the lack of trees in Venice. Since you’ll probably spend many hours under the sun it would be a good idea to take a hat or a cap with you to keep the sun’s rays off your face. Also remember to bring a pair of sunglasses. You’ll probably be on or near the water for most of your Venice visit, so these will be essential to cut down on the glare coming off the water.

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Guidebooks, maps, dictionaries…

Although getting lost through Venice’s narrow streets could be a good idea, a map becomes essential when you want to go to an exact destination. The canals and the alleys combine into mazes, making it very easy to get lost on your way to your apartment.

A guidebook is also an essential: there are so many places that deserve a visit in Venice that a good guidebook should be the first thing you pack. You probably won’t have enough time to see all the things that your guide says are a must, but you’ll have a lot of fun trying.

Also take into account that apart from on touristy spots, English is not spoken very well in Italy, so an Italian phrase book or a dictionary could also save your trip, not only when asking for directions but also when trying to discover what are you exactly ordering at a local restaurant.

With all these in mind you will only have to think about enjoying yourself and making the most of your stay in the bella Italia!

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