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Review: Margarita Yoga Pants


caroline yoga pants 1

I’ve only recently started doing pilates and yoga, so my workout wardrobe is still fairly minimalistic. So when I was asked to review Activewear USA’s Margarita pants, I was excited. They sent a pair that I wore on my workouts for a few days, both running and pilates.


  • Unique designs: They don’t look like any other brand’s yoga pants. You aren’t likely to find the exact same pair on any other website. But they’re not everyone’s taste, as most are 1970s inspired. I liked some of the other designs I saw on the website, but this particular pair didn’t suit me.
  • Good fit: The pants run small but if you have the right size, they’re a great fit. I recommend going up one or two sizes from what you typically wear to be on the safe side.
  • Elastic waist: Part of the great fit is the stretchable fabric and elastic waistband. It doesn’t slide down your bum while you’re working out.

caroline yoga pants 2


  • Itchy patches: Every daisy patch stitched into the fabric itches the skin, some in rather awkward locations. There are flowers printed down the side of the leg, as well as on the rear. It might be embarrassing to scratch them.
  • Odd designs: As I said in the pros, the hippie flower power design isn’t for everyone. I prefer my yoga pants to be on the simple side, usually solid black. The other designs were equally bright in color.
  • Too long: For my uses, I found the pants to be too long, especially when running. The bell bottoms got in the way during yoga classes, with me tripping on them while trying to balance.
  • High price: Their retail price is almost $100, comparable to brands like Lucy, Lululemon and Athleta. There are few pairs of pants, especially yoga pants, that I would pay that kind of money for. It seems that these pants are more for wearing around town than for actual physical activity.

So Margarita’s yoga pants aren’t for me, but that doesn’t mean someone else might not love them. Finding the right pair of yoga pants for you is like finding the perfect little black dress: it takes time and lots of looking!

What qualities do you look for in yoga pants?



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