The One Little Thing: Acupressure Wristbands

This is a post in an ongoing feature on Her Packing List called “The One Little Thing“. Each week or two, I’ll be interviewing a traveling lady to find out the one little thing she just can’t travel without. This one is brought to you by Lucy Dodsworth:

Lucy DodsworthI’m Lucy, a UK-based editor and designer who blogs at On the Luce. I did the whole “give up everything and travel for years” backpacking trip in my 20s, but now with a business, house, family and friends, I’m trying to bring them all together. So I’ve been mixing travel and everyday life – taking trips as and when I can, from weekends around the UK and in Europe to more far-flung longer trips.

What one little thing can you not travel without?

Acupressure wristbands – they’re like sweatbands with a ball in the wrist that presses on a pressure point to relieve travel sickness.

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Why has this one item been so important to you?

As I’ve got older my motion sickness has got worse – boats, planes in turbulence, windy roads, they all make me feel awful. And when that’s combined with a major vomiting phobia I needed to find something that worked otherwise I wouldn’t be going anywhere.

How packable is it? Does it take up much room? Is it heavy?

They’re tiny so really easy to fit in your bag. I have two pairs (yes I am that obsessed) – one in my first aid kit and another that I carry around all the time in my purse.

wristbands for the boat

Acupressure wristbands great for boat rides

Why would you recommend this to your travel friends?

Unless you’re one of those hardy travellers who can ride out 12-foot waves whilst drinking a beer and not breaking a sweat (in which case I hate you) then they’re useful to have as they’re so small and light and not expensive (around £6 or $9). They also work on any other type of nausea, including hangovers and even morning sickness.

Can you name one incident or situation where you were so happy to have this item with you?

After leaving Nusa Lembongan in Bali by boat on a deceptively calm-looking sunny day, an hour out to sea the waves started to pick up. We ended up spending three hours being tossed about and bouncing off the top of the waves. I was so glad to have the wristbands as they help me make it through the whole journey ok when everyone around me was looking distinctly green.

How did you hear about this item?

I spotted them in a pharmacy and was a bit sceptical but thought I’d give them a try.

What sort of traveler is this item perfect for?

Anyone who suffers from travel sickness, and especially if you don’t like to take pills or are in a situation where you don’t want to be drowsy from travel sickness medication.

Find out more about Lucy’s travels on her blog or you can follow her on Twitter @lucydodsworth or on Facebook.


  1. Katie says

    I also own these wristbands!! They have made a HUGE change in the way I travel. They have alleviated a consistant concern that I may react adversly to choppy rides and bumpy situations. :)

  2. Sherry says

    I ordered a pair online for my brother who suffers from terrible motion sickness, and he loves them! Usually he can’t stomach any kind of transport involving more than 2 wheels, but he says these work like a miracle and he can now “use cellphones on the bus like a normal person” without repercussions 😀

    I’m definitely considering getting a pair for myself next.


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