Meet Monica Stott and Her Deuter Futura 24L

This post is part of a series in which ladies on the road offer a review of their backpack. Today’s review is from Monica Stott who lives in the UK. She travelled around Australia in an old campervan, so she’s definitely a woman after my own heart!

monica stottHey. I’m Monica. I’m a travel blogger from the UK and I’m also part of the editorial team at Gap Daemon. I travelled for almost 2 years through SE Asia and Australia and I now I’m living in London and trying to get out and about around Europe as much as I can.

What’s your backpack brand and model? How much does this backpack typically cost?

I have a Deuter Futura 24L and it cost me £80.

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How long have you had your backpack and where have you traveled with it?

I bought it about 3 years ago and I took it on my 2 year trip through Asia and Oz.

What factors were most important to you in choosing a backpack? How did you come to choose this one?

I’ll be honest; I’m a girly girl and I bought it because I liked the colour and it had a giant daffodil pinned to it. It’s also super comfy and designed for women so it has a shorter back which is soft and squidgy. I also wanted something with lots of smaller pockets so I could find my stuff.

What do you like most about your backpack? Any down sides?

I like the fact it has a smaller compartment at the bottom and two side pockets. I don’t like the fact it’s a top loader because if anything slips down to the bottom of the main compartment it pretty much stays there and I don’t find it until I have a major ‘backpack clear-out’.

Tell us about the fit and comfort level of your backpack.

It fits perfectly. I always tighten the hip belt and carry all the weight on my hips rather than my shoulders so it’s really comfortable.

If you want to take your backpack as carry-on luggage, can you?

No it’s too big and usually too heavy.

Have you found the size to be too small, just right, or too large?

It’s probably too big really. It means I end up packing far too much stuff that I really don’t need to lug around with me. But I’d probably freak out if I had a smaller bag and couldn’t fit everything in it.

Overall, would you recommend your backpack?

I definitely would, especially if someone is travelling for a while and needs a bigger bag. Also, Deuter have some bright colours; my bag is orange so although it gets pretty mucky, it’s always easy to spot on the carousel.

Thanks for telling us about your travel experiences with your backpack, Monica!

You can read about Monica’s travels on her blog The Travel Hack, Twitter and Facebook.

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