Let’s Get Packing! The San Miguel Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona

Located in Barcelona, the San Miguel Primavera Sound Festival has surprised everybody from the beginning with a program that has been able to bring together some of the best artists of the local music scene while relying still on emergent groups of the national and international scene. Even more impressive is the point that every year they set their own standards higher.

This year’s edition, which will take place between the 30th of May and the 3rd of June, includes in its program artists like The Cure, Bjork, Kings of Convenience, The XX, Franz Ferdinand, etc. But apart from these five days of music, which will constitute the highlights of the festival, some other activities will take place in line with it, such as Minimúsica (activities for children including music), Flatstock (exhibition of posters from concerts), or even free concerts at various spots of the city.

If you are planning to attend this year’s Primavera Sound Festival you should consider some things, apart from booking one of the apartments in Barcelona near the area where the festival takes place, of course:

Barcelona is in a strategic location on the Mediterranean sea, which allows the Catalan capital to enjoy a pleasant climate throughout the year. The temperature in Barcelona during June is about 24ºC and most of the festival concerts take place outdoors, in the Forum Park. Given this, it is very important that when packing you don’t forget to bring light clothing (short-sleeved or strapless), sunglasses, a hat or a cap and of course, sunscreen. This is extremely important. It is not pleasant to get burnt, even if it’s in the Primavera Sound Festival.

music maker

Music maker. (photo by quiquelopez)

Although Barcelona is a warm city, at night the temperature drops, so it won’t hurt to bring a jacket or a jumper for the concerts taking place at night-time. Also keep in mind the possibility of rain, so don’t forget to pack your rain jacket or good umbrella. You will regret it if it starts raining during your favorite concert!

The Forum Park is a very large place; there will be different stages that the concerts take place during all evening and night. It is possible that you will need to walk several times to find the stage you are looking for, in addition to being stepped on, pushed by people, and just jumping around all night to the beat of music. Therefore, it is essential you bring comfortable shoes, especially for the journey back home, which will probably be hard after the long hours of the festival.

During your stay in Barcelona, and for the time you are not in the Primavera Sound Festival, you can go to the beach to enjoy the sun of the Mediterranean sea. So don’t forget to bring your swimsuit, a towel and flip-flops. After an exhausting night of festival-going there is nothing like having a morning nap on the beach…

Again, don’t forget the sunscreen!

If you follow these tips I can only tell you to enjoy the San Miguel Primavera Sound, the music, the environment, and of course, the city!

Cover photo by bertogg.

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