Workout & Fitness Packing List

“You’re packing workout clothes?! Are you really going to find time to exercise while you’re traveling?”

Friends are always dubious when I mention I’m adding workout gear to my suitcase. I understand their doubts. There have been a few times where the workout clothes and DVDs have gone untouched. However, I can’t use them if I don’t pack them, so into my bag they go, along with the best of intentions.

It’s fairly easy to pack and travel lightly AND include fitness items on your packing list. Really. Review our tips for clothing, props, and exercises you can pack to help keep you fit and healthy on the road.


Good quality, supportive sports bra – You may only have room for one, so make it a good one. A good sports bra can be expensive but worth the investment. My pick? Lululemon’s Ta-Ta Tamer. It served as my only sports bra for almost an entire year in Australia. I’ve found it can be worn a couple of times before washing.

Supportive shoes – Keeping our feet happy can help keep the rest of our body happy too. If possible, get fitted before you leave (we have a shop in town with well-trained staff), and consider inserts if you need extra cushion or support.

Moisture wicking clothing This style tends to be lightweight and can be rolled or folded easily. I quickly ditched my lone cotton workout shirt for a breathable wicking shirt in Australia (i.e., in the first week!). Since I only did laundry once a week, I loved that the wicking shirt didn’t permeate the hostel room like cotton may. My pick? Lululemon’s Run Swiftly shirt.

Additional items I love:

Lululemon’s running socks – They fit like a glove, wick away moisture, and I’ve found they can be worn a couple of times before washing. One of their Educators recommended the men’s socks for a more full fit, and I’ve found them to be just right. I don’t work for them. I just love their products!

Marika’s fitted capris – They flatter your body and are super soft. One pair served as my only workout bottoms for a year in Australia.


You won’t be able to take your gym or home fitness center with you, but lightweight, no-bulk equipment is a perfect addition to your packing list.

  • Jump rope
  • Resistance bands or tubes
  • AquaBells: Travel-worthy weights that pack flat and you can later fill with water to your desired weight – just empty between uses!
  • Pedometer to track your steps

>> See this post all about packable exercise equipment.

Packable workout routines

Walk or jog – It’s free and easy with good weather.

Couch to 5k – New to running but want to get started? This program eases the new runner into training.

Bring your favorite fitness DVDs – Perfect if you are renting a flat for a while and have a DVD player or if your laptop has a player.

Video or audio workouts for your media player.

Fitness apps for a smartphone.

Learn yoga poses to practice anywhere – I did some work in the narrow spaces of my hostel room after a jog when everyone was gone.

8 no-equipment toners from Self – I just found this workout and LOVE it.

Lower body workout – I tried a couple of moves and could feel it the next day.

“Whittle My Middle” by Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows – I love Angela’s vegan and healthy lifestyle blog and have incorporated moves from this routine (and added some of my own) with results.

30-minute “Old School Workout” by Oh She Glows – You can do squats, lunges, jump rope, jumping jacks, crunches, and push ups nearly anywhere. I felt this one the next day.

Have I convinced you that packing for fitness is possible?! If you’re an avid exerciser who never leaves home without an outfit and routine in mind, what are your favorite picks?


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    One thing I love about Lululemon is that their clothes are very versatile. I do have the TaTa Tamer in my backpack… although I hate how the straps undo on their own. The majority of my clothes are actually from Lulu cause they are very durable, look good day-to-day, and are also workout wear! 😀 SCORE!


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