Vegas Packing Tips By Popular Vegas Activity

In Vegas, anything goes. You could easily pack a pair of cut-off jean shorts and a tank top and have your way in Sin City, gambling, drinking and buffet eating — along with all the other folk doing exactly the same thing. Or, you can class it up for evening wine tastings before a show. Depending on what you want to do in Vegas will decide your packing list. Here are some tips!

slot machines


You don’t have to dress to impress if you’re planning to just hit up the slot machines in your casino lobby. But, if you plan on hitting some big game poker, then dressing up a bit could give you the mental edge against your competitors. Perhaps a little black dress will do the trick (you can use it for other activities, too). Top it off with black shades and you’ve got yourself one mean poker face.


The little black dress you’ve packed for gambling at the big kids poker table can also be used for when going out to dinner and a show. Perhaps you can class up a more casual outfit with a fun scarf and some bold jewelry.

Pool Lounging:

All of the Las Vegas hotels will have pools to combat the harsh sun and heat that come along with being in the desert. A good swimsuit, a swimsuit wrap, along with a hat and sunglasses (read more about sun protection items) are a must for lounging in Las Vegas pools.


Something club-worthy should go in your bag if you plan to get past door control at some of the top nighttime hot spots in Vegas.


Again, you don’t need any special attire for shopping around Vegas (although I would recommend a pair of comfy walking shoes), but for those wishing to drop some dough in the high-class shops, you may want to dress the part.

Desert Racing:

Getting out of the city can be a good way to relax after a day or two of alcohol-filled fun in Vegas. Desert racing in special dune buggies made for driving on the sand is best attempted when covered in sun-protective clothing — to help keep the sun off your back and to keep the sand from stinging. Get lightweight long-sleeved tops and long pants, and don’t forget the sun cream.

Grand Canyon:

The Grand Canyon, one of America’s iconic attractions, is but a few hours away from Vegas. You can do the trip in a day if you so desire, but I’d recommend a tour in that case so you don’t have to drive for 8 hours in the same day. If heading out to the canyon, then good walking shoes and sun-protective clothing (hat, shades, long pants and shirt) are a must. And don’t forget the camera!

What would you recommend packing for Vegas?

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  1. Megan E. says

    I agree with the LBD – or make it another color if you want – but otherwise, just bring casual clothes. In the winter, I found a pair of knee high black boots, leggings, and skinny jeans along with a skirt and some tunic shirts got me almost everywhere (here’s where the LBD covers the rest). In the summer, think lightweight skirts with comfortable sandals or shorts that are a little bit longer…or summer dresses.

    For anything less than 2 weeks, take 4 bottoms, no more are needed! 2 swimsuits and a cover-up and a LBD will get you everywhere. Don’t forget the sunblock, it’s needed year round.


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