Amazon Gift Cards for All Guest Posts Submitted Until End of March

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Hello, hello, my female travel friends!

As you might know, I am about to head off another adventure come April 7th… for 3.5 months! I’m going to be so, so, so very busy, which is why I wanted to kick action here on HPL into high gear!

To help with content over the following months, I’d like to schedule as many guest posts as possible. If we could get those posts all scheduled before I hit the road — perfect.

To make the process a bit speedier, I’ve decided that for all submissions from today until the end of March, I will give contributors a $5 Amazon gift card! That’s a potential new female travel book right there.

But, to make this even sweeter, you can submit any number of guest posts this month and rack up one lovely little gift card to treat yourself right. Got your eyes on a new piece of travel gear, but want to get it for cheaper? This can most certainly help!

So, if you’re interested in getting a couple of bucks in addition to a bit of exposure (oops, I said it), then drop me a line with your ideas. I’m after all kinds of posts:

Posts don’t have to be terribly lengthy (at all) — they just need to be clear and helpful. You will, of course, get a bio in each post.

Looking forward to working with all of you awesome ladies out there!!!



  1. Jolinda Redling says

    Thanks for the list of what to pack in Italy. Another thing I suggest as Vital are moist toilettes. Bathrooms are barbaric throughout Italy. Bring your own & stay clean.

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