Even in a Connected World, I Always Pack a Phone Card

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Have you ever encountered a situation on your travels where you needed a phone card, and fast?

The world is connected. I’ve tweeted and blogged my trip from Kyrgyzstan while, at the same time, getting Facebook updates and email notifications from those roaming around the Amazon.

I’ve had free video chat sessions with my parents on Christmas day from freezing Ukraine while keeping in touch with my Australian boyfriend through text messages.

But, even with the constant connectivity, there may still be times when a good old fashioned phone card comes in handy.

Here are some situations where I have needed phone cards on my travels:

  • In a hostel in New Zealand where I needed, well wanted, to call my boyfriend. I could have used Skype if the Internet wasn’t so slow from the 30+ people trying to use it at the same time. In this case, I had to wander up the street and hunt for a phone card.
  • When I lived for a month in Menorca, Spain in a house that didn’t have Internet. If I wanted free Internet, I had to venture to the library, which wasn’t open for many hours during the day. If I wanted to talk on Skype, I had to head to the noisy, crowded and very un-private Internet cafe. I resorted to getting a phone card and hitting the streets to call home.
  • When I needed to call my credit card company to fix a flag on my account and for some reason Skype wouldn’t work.

In these situations, I had to seek out phone cards in another country, which is not always fun or convenient. What if it’s in the middle of the night and you need to urgently make a phone call back home? Isn’t it just better if you have one with you in the first place?

girls on phone

Calling long-distance from mobile can eat the minutes, fast!

One way to address these issues is to purchase a phone card, preferably in advance, and you can do that online with Nobelcom.

After doing some research, I can say that the beauty of Nobelcom.com is the fact that you get to bypass that search in your moment of need abroad by buying online. And, if you know where you’ll be traveling to, you can purchase a card online before you go. Just jot down your access number and pin and keep them in your purse for emergencies while out and about (or even just to use a landline when/if the Internet drops out).

You’re probably wondering what happens if you buy the card but then don’t ever have to use it on your trip, right?

One cool feature is that the Nobelcom phone cards also double as Skype-like computer-to-phone calling accounts. You just have to download the software PC-2-Phone, which will also include free text messaging (at least for now). In addition to that, you can also download an app, Nobel Dialer, for your iPhone, Blackberry or Android to use your phone card credit there, too.

For me, I’m the type of person that rarely does a Skype video chat, and instead, I’m using my Skype to call a landline or a cell phone of someone not on the computer. In these situations, I’m also using Skype credit — so why not use a phone card that also provides that convenience as well?

computer phone calls

Computer-based phone calls from a calling card.

Additional features of using Nobelcom to serve your phone card and calling needss:

  • When using Nobelcom, you acquire Nobel Points that can be used towards future purchases.
  • Nobelcom offers a new service known as Nobel Top-Up, which actually allows you to add credit to your prepaid mobile phone accounts in over 60 countries around the world! For example, if I’m traveling in Ukraine and need to top up my Beeline credit, I can do that online with Nobelcom. Awesome!
  • Referring friends gets you $10 in Nobel Points and the friend $5 in Nobel Points when they sign up.

Always Pack a Phone Card

So, my motto is to always pack a phone card, as I’ve learned from years of travel and many annoying situations. They might not always be necessary, but at least with options like Nobelcom, you have flexibility for buying and then using that credit in various ways.

What about you? Have you ever encountered a situation on your travels where you needed a phone card, or where an online phone card service could have saved you heaps of stress?


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    Good to know about Nobelcom. When I traveled to Spain in 2004 (sadly, my latest international trip) I had a phone card purchased in the US that said it would work internationally. Although I followed the directions, I never could get it to work. Ever since then, I’ve wondered how I would make calls in future trips. I use a Tracfone and while they say it will work internationally, I’m unconvinced until I try it. And what if I’m someplace where I can’t charge my phone? A phone card seems like a necessary backup.


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