Practice What You Preach

Just because I run this site doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with packing myself! In fact, I had some issues on my last trip that I thought I wouldn’t really encounter… but, I did.

When you’re planning a month of intense language lessons in a cold place and are also wanting to pack light, you might not think about cute shoes, or maybe even cute clothes. I was all about the layers on this trip.

Only, this trip I also flew for the first time in Business Class — a place where people are decked out in some designer threads. I was absolutely torn when packing because I really hate to have more stuff than I need.

At first, I didn’t mind looking a little less than classy, and it didn’t seem to be a real problem going out of Sydney. Later flights, however, onto Turkey and onto Kyrgyzstan, were where I was met with looks and felt completely self-conscious.

On the way home, I wanted to look just a little nicer, and that meant just being able to kick off my walking shoes. But, to get other shoes in the middle of winter in Bishkek that didn’t cost an arm and a leg and would go with my leggings — well that was another story.

spare solesI recruited my friend Erica to help, and we wandered through the markets trying to find the right pair. The funny part of this story was when she said to me the following:

“You know what would be perfect? Those shoes that you wrote about… the ones that roll up!”

Ugh, yes, she was talking about the Spare Soles, a product I was absolutely excited about when I found them but failed to get when I actually needed them. A little pair of black spare soles could have saved me lots of stress on that trip.

I will not be leaving on another trip without them.


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    I have your raincoat, but in blue.

    Thanks for the look into your luggage. I guess I’m nosy or unconfident or something because I always wonder why my packing consists primarily of “stuff” with clothes seeming to take up only a quarter of the total space. If all I had to do was take clothes, I could go with a pillowcase as luggage!

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    Ok, based on your recommendation I just bought these shoes in silver. I’m traveling to Paris next week, not sure if it’s going to be warm enough to wear them but if not, I’ll try them out on the next trip. Thanks for the tip!

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