Deuter Fox 40 backpack Luggage

Meet Erica Kuschel and Her Deuter Fox 40 Backpack

What kind of backpack do you get if you’re a woman of short stature? Erica Kuschel decided to venture into the realm of kids backpacks and found the Deuter Fox 40, which you can read more about inside!

tales from expat harem book title Female Travel

Inspiring Books: Tales from the Expat Harem

Do you remember the moments you’ve seen a series of photographs, watched a movie, or read a book about another country and suddenly found yourself saying or thinking, “I have to go there some day”? Heather remembers the book that inspired her to go to Turkey.

Laura in her Gregory Deva 60 Luggage

Meet Laura Walker and Her Gregory Deva 60

Choosing the right backpack is hard work, yet so very important! Laura Walker shares a little insight into the pack she’s chosen to take her around the world. Read more inside!

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My Top 6 Items I Forget to Pack

The more you travel, the more chances you have of forgetting something on your packing list. Amy, however, has forgotten many things on her list. Check inside to read her story!